Albums 3 

Grertest Hit
シングルカット曲のみで構成された Rick のベスト盤。
1.Jessie's Girl 2.I'v Done Everything For You 3.Love Is Alright Tonight 4.Don't Talk To Strangers 5.What Kind Of Fool Am I  6.Affair Of The Heart 7.Human Touch 8.Love Somebody 9.Bop' Til You Drop 10.Celebrate Youth 11.State Of The Heart 12.Rock Of Life

Best Selection
内容的にはGrertest Hitとよく似ていますがシングルカット曲の他にRickファンにはたまらない数曲がPik Upされています。もっとオイシイ一枚です。
1.Jessie's Girl  2.I've Done Everything for You  3.Love is Alright Tonite  4.Don't Talk to Strangers  5.What Kind of Fool am I  6.The American Girl  7.Affair of The Heart  8.Souls  9.Living in OZ  10.Human Touch  11.Bop 'Til You Drop  12.Taxi Dancing  13.Love Somebody  14.Don't Walk Away  15.Rock of Life  16.Celebrate Youth  17.State of The Heart  18.My Father's Chair

The Best of Rick Springfield
“The Best of Rick Springfield” 1.I'v Done Everything For You 2.Jesse's Girl 3.Affair Of The Heart 4.Human Touch 5.Love Somebody 6.Living In OZ 7.Love Is Alright Tonight 8.What Kind Of Fool Am I 9.Don't Talk To Strangers 10.Celebrate Youth 11.Bop' Til You Drop 12.State Of The Heart 13.Calling All Girls 14.I Get Excited 15.Don't Walk Away 16.Taxi Dancing 17.Rock Of Life 18.Dance This World Away

Rock Songs
1993年 ドイツで発売されたベスト盤。
1.Stand Up 2.Written in Rock 3.Red Hot & Blue Love 4.Motel Eyes 5.Walk Like A Man 6.World Start Turning 7.Tear it All Down 8.Walking on The Edge 9.Living in OZ 10.Bop 'Till You Drop 11.I've Done Everything for You 12.Stranger in The House 13.Me & Johnny 14.Celebrate Youth 15.Rock of Life 16.S.F.O.
なんてマニアックな選曲!! でもRickファンなら納得してしまいます。
Best of
1996年 UK&アイルランドからリリースされたベスト盤。
1.I've Done Everything for You 2.Jessie's Girl 3.Affair of The Heart 4.Human Touch 5.Souls 6.Love Somebody 7.Living in OZ 8.Love is Alright Tonite 9.What Kind of Fool am I 10.Don't Talk to Strangers 11.Motel Eyes 12.Celebrate Youth 13.Just One Kiss 14.Bop 'Till You Drop 15.Walking on The Edge 16.Walk Like A Man 17.State of The Heart 18.Calling All Girls 19.Rock of Life

We're Gonna Have A Good Time
ジャケットの写真とは全然関係なく、1970年代のRickの曲 Mission Magic からの曲がほとんどです。Speak to The Sky は別バージョンが入っていてびっくりです。
1.We're Gonna Have A Good Time 2.It's Driving Me Crazy 3.Free And Easy 4.You Can Really Do It 5.On The Other Side 6.You Can't Judge A Book 7.Love Is The Key 8.Welcome To The Rodeo 9.I Want You 10.Just Gotta Sing 11.If We Help One Another 12.Starlight, Starbright 13.Speak To The Sky 14.Theme From Mission Magic

Rick Springfield
Take a Handが入っているのが嬉しいアルバムです。
1.Jessie's Girl 2.I've Done Everything for You 3.Don't Talk to Strangers 4.Love Somebody 5.Affair of The Heart 6.Calling All Girls 7.Don't Talk to Strangers 8.Take a Hand 9.Souls 10.Black is Black